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5 Trends for 2018 You Can Wear Immediately!

We’ve unpacked our bags from fashion month in New York, London, and Paris and we already miss the excitement of watching our favorite models rule the runway. Now it’s time to put our fashion notes to the test by revamping our closet space to have more room for our new must-have designer shoes, bags, and red-carpet worthy evening looks. With 2017 being a grim year in politics and world news in general, this year bright colors and patterns worked their way to center stage to bring us back to our happy place.
Not only did new color pallets surface on the catwalk, but an all new take on sportswear made for an outstanding show in New York with seriously loud patterns and heavily patterned prints and textures. We’ll save the athleticism for the Olympians, and show them a thing or two about making a statement with our all-new take on the 80’s shellsuit.

Think you could work the outrageous trends in sportswear? Maybe you’d like to find a better mash-up of patterns and colors in accessories instead. To make it easier to hop on board the fashion train, we’ve made a list of trends for 2018 that you can start wearing immediately! Be the trendsetter with these simple ways to kickstart your wardrobe as we approach 2018’s spring fashion must-haves.

1. Pretty in Pastel

Earlier we mentioned this year’s take on the brightest colors designers can get their hands on. One color is making more of a statement on the runway, and you may even have something in this color sitting in your closet right now! This year’s hottest color in fashion will be Lavender.

Pantone’s official name is “Ultra Violet” and will be taking over Instagram feeds by storm. While it’s a pale hue at first glance, this color will easily transform your outfit from business professional to romantic with just the right shade and accessories.

2. Throwback Thursday (and everyday of the week)

It’s official, throwback looks of the 80’s and back to the 70’s are no longer reserved just for Thursdays. You’ll be happy to know you can whip out revamped 80’s fanny packs and 70’s groovy florals, any day of the week!

Statement pieces from the throwback eras will have a good run in this year’s spring fashion trends. Be the first of your friends to rummage through your closet and find those one-of-a-kind pieces you thought were retired for good.

3. Layered Sheer Fabrics

Need a new way to spice up your look? This tip not only can be worn immediately but lends to thousands of different fashionable combinations. This year we’re talking about layered sheer fabrics. Have something in your closet that’s sheer? Maybe sheer tulle pieces or tops. For a dazzling effect you can layer your sheer pieces for a simple and sophisticated look.

This spring be on the look out for sheer tops and slips and be ready to keep in mind the ability to combine and layer your look for a truly designer outfit. These ready-to-wear pieces will turn heads as you become the creative genius inspired by the latest fashion week events.

4. Feathers on the Fly

That’s right, feathers have hit the runway and there’s no signs of stopping. The flapper-esque feathers are accessorizing everything from headpieces, dresses and tops. With new feathered features replacing fringe you can be sure to add feathers to your checklist of fashion trends heading into spring.

5. Micro Purses to Make Big Statement

The smaller more mini versions of our favorite handbags will be trending this spring and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s never to early to switch out your purse and try something new. Just don’t forget your favorite lipstick in your other purse. We hate when that happens.

You may have seen gorgeous micro-purses on the runway if you looked hard enough. These small accessories are great at keeping you looking chic and fashionable. Mix up the look of your micro purse by looking at the cross body chain, or leather strapping. Pay attention to the color and texture as well. You might find a velvet purse that will go great with your weekend look.

So are you ready to take on these looks spotted on the runway? These small and simple changes to your wardrobe will be the best thing that could happen to your closet and you probably already own most of the fashionable pieces mentioned earlier!

Get ready to step-up your Instagram game with these classic trends. You’re going to look designer-chic and fashion-forward immediately before spring even hits! Soon your friends will want to know how you always look so put together. For now, we’re hanging out in our athleisure hoping to watch another gold-medalist make history as the Olympics come to a close. Have a look you have tried that you hope will be a fashion trend this season? Reach out to our team so we can take a look at how you stack up against fashion week.

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