Redesigning Wardrobe

How to Upcycle your Wardrobe!

Ready to learn how to keep the clothes you already own to look reinvented and fresh? Let’s get started!

When it comes to fashion styles and trends, many people think that it’s just about getting new clothes to keep up with others. However, the fact is that even with your old clothes, you can still look trendy. But how’s that possible? Well, you just need a few ideas of how you can keep what you already have to keep looking great, and here’s how you can do it:

Wear them in a Whole New Style

You can make those old clothes you are thinking of giving out to look new by wearing them in a whole new way. For instance, you can try wearing a dress as a skirt or vice versa provided you don’t do something funny. Do you also know that a dress can look completely different when you wear it with slim leggings or pants? Well, that’s an idea worth trying. All these and other styles can break your wardrobe boredom.

Cut Your Long Pants into Shorts

Dress pants can look wholly new if they are taken to a tailor and reduced into nice shorts. That way, you’ll get wonderful new shorts without having to spend much. In fact, you can cut them on your own unless you want to have them hemmed. So get those long pants you stopped wearing them long ago, and reduce them to new stylish shorts. They look awesome when worn with low heeled sandals.

Dye them with New Colors

Your light colored pants, tops, and other clothes can look entirely new if you apply fabric dyes. However, you need to be a little bit careful to create interesting effects with the new colors. You can try solid or bold colors but only if they are okay with you. With that, you’ll give new life to those old pants and tops that have been staying unused in your wardrobe for long. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to offset wardrobe boredom and make it look new with old stuff that you’ve used for years.

Change Buttons on Your Old Blouses

New buttons can make your blouses look new. In fact, they really add new life to your old clothes that you are tired of wearing them. To find out which buttons will best suit your blouses, you can hold the new buttons over the old ones and see the difference they create. If they look awesome and you love them, go ahead to do the replacement.

Other tricks such as wearing old clothes with new accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and others can help transform your old clothes in your wardrobe. You just need to be creative, and you’ll always look awesome. Try to transform and get a few ideas before you give out your old clothes or decide to get them out of your wardrobe.


4 Quick & Clever Fashion Tricks

Want to Look Awesome In Any Occasion? Here are 4 clever fashion tips just for you!

Putting together the right outfit for an occasion can be a challenge especially when it finds you unprepared. In fact, this is a struggle that every woman goes through each time they are dressing for an event. However, that doesn’t have to be a complicated process. What usually makes it difficult is the lack of the appropriate fashion tips that one can adopt. You should, therefore, get as many tips as possible and you’ll always be dressed well for any occasion. Here are some clever fashion tips you can consider:

Understand the Art of Working with a Limited Budget

If you are preparing for a big occasion, you’ll definitely have to buy some stuff that will match the theme and event of the day. But as you already know, you won’t always have enough money to acquire all the things you’ll need. You, therefore, need to learn how to work best with a limited budget. So what does this mean? Well, you need to list all the items you need then start with or prioritize those that are essential, and you can’t do without them. Also, focus on quality rather than quantity. That way, you’ll get the necessary stuff even with your limited budget.

Get Clothes that will Work for You

You’ve probably seen people who know how to wear the right clothes. Well, there’s no magic about it, but it’s just a matter of being able to get the right outfit that speaks something special about you without having to explain it yourself. Just think about something that matches your body shape, height, and other aspects. That’s what it means to dress up properly for an occasion that’s special and worth reminiscing.

Be Careful with Deodorant Stains and Makeup

Makeup and deodorant stains can at times be unattractive especially when applied without careful consideration of why they have to be applied. So if you are not sure about it, kindly don’t use but if you must make use of it, let the application be under the guidance of your beauty specialist. Remember that some stains can be difficult to remove, so say no to them as much as possible.

Use Accessories that Match Your Personal Style

Accessories can make or break your personal style. So when you are purchasing them, make sure you do your homework right and get those that will add to your personal style. In most cases, it’s good to get those that have neutral colors because they match a wide range of outfits. You can also get bold colors if you’ve mastered the art of beautifully combining colors to match a specific theme or occasion.

These and other tips work well for all women. You don’t have to keep struggling every other time you are attending a party, family event, a celebration or any other occasion. All you need is something that will make you proud and happy to have hit the right spot when it comes to dressing and getting a perfect code for any occasion.

Essential Fashion Tips for Men

Essential Fashion Tips for Men

A sharply looking guy exudes confidence, maturity, and even self-awareness without having to utter a word. However, getting style tips that can help you look sharp isn’t an easy job. You have to spend time, do your homework and always be willing to go an extra mile rather than just doing the usual. If you want to be different and inspire others when it comes to styles for guys, then here are useful tips for you:

Buy Clothes that are a Perfect Match for Your Height

You’ve probably seen your buddies wearing clothes that don’t match their heights. That’s a great mistake that you should never make. You need the appropriate clothes for a sharp look. Therefore, master your height and always go for what’s appropriate for you. If you aren’t sure about it, ask instead of picking anything you think is okay for you.

ü Your Shoe Game Should be Awesome

If you are not keen to get the right shoes, then your desire to look sharp might remain a dream forever. You need to do your best to step up your shoe game and master it. In fact, for your information, shoes can either make or break your outfit. So depending on the look you love, get the best shoes and avoid buying anything you see out there. You’ll only look sharp if you understand what’s best down there. Have a variety and include the best for formal and casual looks.

Navy Blue and Charcoal are the Best if You Love Suits

Every fashion stylist out there will tell you that when it comes to suits, navy blue and charcoal will never disappoint you. They go well with a range of tie colors, shirts and seasons. In fact, if you get this part right, you’ll never go wrong or out of style. If you love suits, then make sure you have these two colors, and you’ll always look awesome.

Try Your Clothes Before You Buy Them

Have you ever realized that those clothes that look good in stores or display might not feel the same when you wear them? Well, you now know it. Therefore, make sure that you try whatever you want to buy before you pay and acquire it. Trying is the only way to ascertain that what you are buying is okay for your height and feels great.

Keep Your Wardrobe up to date

Seasons change, and so should your wardrobe. What’s good and best, for now, may not work in the next season. Therefore, keep your wardrobe up to date if you want to look sharp and outstanding out there. Also, keep exploring what’s happening in the fashion industry, so you get the best and don’t hang in on what could be outdated.

Other things like hairstyle, cleanliness, and a beautiful watch are also important. Besides that, you need more tips and as much information as possible. Sharp guys don’t stick to one style but are always willing to try new stuff. With these style tips and the determination to look awesome, you’ll never go wrong.

hunk in shower

Fixing Your Husbands Grooming Habits

It seems at one point in life, we have all dated a guy who was not the best when it comes to grooming. Whether you ended up marrying that guy is a choice that is solely on you, and maybe his strengths far outweighed his weaknesses.

If your hubby is one of those men who seem not to take care of their hygiene and grooming habits daily, there are some good news; You can help! Men might be this way for many different reasons. Either they are too busy at work, they just never tried to take the grooming habits seriously, or they just plain don’t know.

Be the catalyst for positive change in your partner’s life. Let’s show you how:

1. Get his facial hair in order

Does your man have crazy facial hair? Is his beard just too rough and unhealthy looking? Odds are he probably isn’t maintaining it as intricately as he should be. The first question you need to ask is does he have a beard trimmer?

If he does, urge him to use it daily. If he doesn’t, you can find the best beard trimmer for his type of beard and get it for him. Give it to him for his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s day.

Next, is your man hydrating his facial hair? Bear with me for just a second. Yes, there are such things are beard moisturizers, and they are actually called beard oils. These products are made with healthy essential oils and they naturally hydrate the facial hair to make it softer and generally more alive.

That means no more annoying pinch while you kiss him. Lastly, if your man is clean shaven but always seems to cut himself, he is probably doing something wrong. Show him this video:

2. Bringing down the B.O

Let’s be honest, B.O is as natural to a man as peanut butter is mixed with jelly. While smelling bad is fine in very specific circumstances, if it is way too often it can really pester you and odds are your husband isn’t even noticing he smells that bad.

There are certain things your man should then know:

  • Use deodorant at night. This is the proper way to do it. You want it to absorb into your skin so that you can smell great the next day. If he takes a shower at night like most men do, that is the perfect time to swipe it on.
  • Ease up on the coffee: Coffee is great for focusing and getting your day started, but too much caffeine actually inhibits bad smell. You might have subconsciously noticed this already, but tell your husband to not have more than 2 cups a day. He can switch to green tea for a healthier alternative, especially matcha tea.

3. Communicate with him on what you like and don’t like

If your man is hairy, and you don’t particularly like that grizzly hair chest, tell him! Most grooming related problems between couples occur when communication is not made.

Most likely your man will want to please you in any little way he can, especially if he truly adores you. If you communicate on what you like and don’t like, you are more likely to get results. While having chest and back hair is alluring to some women, it is not to most.

Plus, these days you can even help him trim that hair down. Make it a bonding experience after all.hunk in shower

4. Floss daily and brush at least twice a day

The importance of flossing might have been pressed down your throats as a child, but when you are an adult and have free reign over what you do, you may have forgotten about this fact.

Flossing prevents plaque and removes old food crumbs from between your teeth which ultimately cause bad breath. This is such a crucial change to have not just a healthier smile, but also to avoid a putrid smelling breath.

Lastly, ensure he is brushing his teeth at least twice a day. This is easy to do, once in the morning and once before bed. You should be doing the same of course.

We hope these 4 steps actually helped you out, or at least if anything they reminded you of what you need to do so that your man’s grooming habits improve. You would be surprised at the sheer quantity of men who do not do this already. Well, sometimes all they need is a little push from their partner in crime!

fashion trends

5 Trends for 2018 You Can Wear Immediately!

We’ve unpacked our bags from fashion month in New York, London, and Paris and we already miss the excitement of watching our favorite models rule the runway. Now it’s time to put our fashion notes to the test by revamping our closet space to have more room for our new must-have designer shoes, bags, and red-carpet worthy evening looks. With 2017 being a grim year in politics and world news in general, this year bright colors and patterns worked their way to center stage to bring us back to our happy place.
Not only did new color pallets surface on the catwalk, but an all new take on sportswear made for an outstanding show in New York with seriously loud patterns and heavily patterned prints and textures. We’ll save the athleticism for the Olympians, and show them a thing or two about making a statement with our all-new take on the 80’s shellsuit.

Think you could work the outrageous trends in sportswear? Maybe you’d like to find a better mash-up of patterns and colors in accessories instead. To make it easier to hop on board the fashion train, we’ve made a list of trends for 2018 that you can start wearing immediately! Be the trendsetter with these simple ways to kickstart your wardrobe as we approach 2018’s spring fashion must-haves.

1. Pretty in Pastel

Earlier we mentioned this year’s take on the brightest colors designers can get their hands on. One color is making more of a statement on the runway, and you may even have something in this color sitting in your closet right now! This year’s hottest color in fashion will be Lavender.

Pantone’s official name is “Ultra Violet” and will be taking over Instagram feeds by storm. While it’s a pale hue at first glance, this color will easily transform your outfit from business professional to romantic with just the right shade and accessories.

2. Throwback Thursday (and everyday of the week)

It’s official, throwback looks of the 80’s and back to the 70’s are no longer reserved just for Thursdays. You’ll be happy to know you can whip out revamped 80’s fanny packs and 70’s groovy florals, any day of the week!

Statement pieces from the throwback eras will have a good run in this year’s spring fashion trends. Be the first of your friends to rummage through your closet and find those one-of-a-kind pieces you thought were retired for good.

3. Layered Sheer Fabrics

Need a new way to spice up your look? This tip not only can be worn immediately but lends to thousands of different fashionable combinations. This year we’re talking about layered sheer fabrics. Have something in your closet that’s sheer? Maybe sheer tulle pieces or tops. For a dazzling effect you can layer your sheer pieces for a simple and sophisticated look.

This spring be on the look out for sheer tops and slips and be ready to keep in mind the ability to combine and layer your look for a truly designer outfit. These ready-to-wear pieces will turn heads as you become the creative genius inspired by the latest fashion week events.

4. Feathers on the Fly

That’s right, feathers have hit the runway and there’s no signs of stopping. The flapper-esque feathers are accessorizing everything from headpieces, dresses and tops. With new feathered features replacing fringe you can be sure to add feathers to your checklist of fashion trends heading into spring.

5. Micro Purses to Make Big Statement

The smaller more mini versions of our favorite handbags will be trending this spring and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s never to early to switch out your purse and try something new. Just don’t forget your favorite lipstick in your other purse. We hate when that happens.

You may have seen gorgeous micro-purses on the runway if you looked hard enough. These small accessories are great at keeping you looking chic and fashionable. Mix up the look of your micro purse by looking at the cross body chain, or leather strapping. Pay attention to the color and texture as well. You might find a velvet purse that will go great with your weekend look.

So are you ready to take on these looks spotted on the runway? These small and simple changes to your wardrobe will be the best thing that could happen to your closet and you probably already own most of the fashionable pieces mentioned earlier!

Get ready to step-up your Instagram game with these classic trends. You’re going to look designer-chic and fashion-forward immediately before spring even hits! Soon your friends will want to know how you always look so put together. For now, we’re hanging out in our athleisure hoping to watch another gold-medalist make history as the Olympics come to a close. Have a look you have tried that you hope will be a fashion trend this season? Reach out to our team so we can take a look at how you stack up against fashion week.



Spring has officially arrived, saying good-bye to all deep floral-suffused, spicy fragrances and lush ambers behind which are truly a trademark of chilly winters. Spring is all about brighter and lighter invigorating, clean perfumes and musks that can give you a feel of spring blossoms. We have listed the top10 fragrances which are perfect to complement the fresh, flowery feel of spring.


A sensational bouquet of white flowers including white hyacinth, narcissus, white iris and magnolia with a hint of warm vanilla, orange zest and sandalwood, LOVE IN WHITE by CREED is a perfect blend of bliss and aroma. Priced at £165 for 75ml, CREED falls under the expensive category of perfumes; however, the quality offered by this staple is absolutely worth the price.


Influenced by the scent of fresh-selected flowers drenched in morning dew, Floral Drops by Dolce & Gabbana smells as magnificent as it looks. The product incorporates airy florals such as narcissus, neroli and water lily.


Very reasonably priced at £58.50 for 50ml, Love Story by Chloé is a light yet delightful scent for everyday use. Infusing delicate and floral orange blossoms, cedarwood and sweet jasmine, the Cholé Love Story is a contemporary take on the Eau de Parfum version of the original Love Story.


The fresh amazing blend of vanilla and roses, Giorgio Armani’s SI is an ideal pick for those looking for an earthy, feminine scent.


Hugo Boss Woman is an epicure mix of peach, berry and black tea that comes with a tinge of white lily and an ocean air twist, a perfect seductive fusion of delicacy and refinement. The product is priced at $72.


Smooth and enchanting, Jo Malone Orris Sandalwood cologne intense is the spring fragrance for those who admire unusual, unique scents. Floral yet woody, this intense cologne priced at £105 is absolutely sensuous and earthy. A must-have fragrance this spring indeed!


Atkinsons is the more traditional fragrance house operating since 1799. The Rose in wonderland by Atknisons is priced at £120. This excitable blend of the classic scent element, the rose, is extraordinary and alluring. The product is perfect for those who love radical and twisted edge to their fragrances.


Liquid Cashmere by Donna Karan preserves the original subtleness catered by the brand’s iconic cashmere mist, however adds zesty notes of crisp bergamot and succulent mandarin. Liquid cashmere is an exquisite essence of Turkish rose petals, jasmine and orange flowers.


Very fairly priced Daisy Dream Blush by Marc Jacobs is an ideal spring-time fragrance. Priced at £54, this energizing scent is a mix of freesia and rose along with clean musks.


Priced at £15 for 10ml, Lyla by Ted Baker is an ideal yet affordable choice for everyday use. An amazing fusion of bergamot , sweetness of grapefruits and tanginess of peaches with a jasmine and rose base is a perfect floral-citrus amalgamate.

The scent we wear describes everything about our personality. Select your spring fragrance collection carefully and live your dreams fragrantly.


On the Hollywood calendar, there is no night bigger than the Oscars when celebrities dress their best. Academy award is certainly the most distinguished award in the showbiz. No red-carpet cherishes such popularity, or scrutiny, and no occasion offers a guest list as superstars studded as the Oscars.

In fact the Red Carpet of Oscars is no less than the main event itself. The highlights of the trends of the night in this year’s 88th Academy Awards were magnificent gowns and opulent jewels worth millions. Let’s have a look at some of our favorite red-carpet looks which were both breathtaking and amazing.

Alicia Vikander’s Princess Look

The Sweden-based star Alicia Vikander appeared just like a Disney pricess Bella. She was looking absolutely enchanting in off-shoulder yellow hued attire designed exclusively by Louis Vuitton. She was also took home the best supporting actress award for her movie ‘The Danish Girl’.

Charismatic Charlize Theron

When it comes to unmatched styling, nothing beats the Mad Max: Fury Road heartthrob Charlize Therone. She looked absolutely stunning in her sensuous red hot Dior gown on the Red Carpet. Not to forget her exquisite jewelry that was designed by Harry Winston.

Mesmerizing Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner, the famous actress cum producer literally rocked the 2016 Oscar’s Red Carpet in her Atelier Versace designed black gown. And we just loved the Rene Caovilla crafted heels that complimented her entire look perfectly.

Gorgeous Gaga

We all love Lady Gaga for her incredible singing and performing talent. But after the Oscars 2016, we can’t resist adding her to our list of the most stylish celebrities as well. She was looking absolutely exotic in her off-shoulder Brandon Maxwell outlined pant dress. Unlike her previous bold and audacious looks, she tried subtle look this time and nailed it flawlessly.

Ravishing Rooney Mara

Nominated in the category of best actress in supporting role, Rooney Mara looked like a gorgeous Greek Goddess. Givenchy designed outfit coupled with footwear by Stuart Weitzman are enough reasons to applaud her for the extraordinary style taste.

Pretty Priyanka

The Bold Bollywood icon and the Quantico heartthrob Priyanka Chopra looked captivating in her Zuhair Murad attire.


Beautiful Brie Larson

The multitalented Brie Larson stunned everyone in her Gucci crafted blue attire paired well with Niwaka designed jewelry. Beautiful Brie was also awarded the best actress (leading role) for her movie Room.

Magnificent Jennifer Lawrence

Nominated as the best actress in leading role for Joy, Jennifer Lawrence literally mesmerized everyone with her eye-catching black feathery attire by Dior Haute Couture. Her perfectly done makeup along with alluring hairstyle looked absolutely seductive. . We think that it was the dress that made her more than fashionably late.


Captivating Kate Winslet

The forever Titanic heartthrob, Kate Winslet amazed everyone with her beautifully designed black off-shoulder outfit by Ralph Lauren. She was nominated for the award of Actress in supporting role for Steve Jobs.


We know that the Academy Awards event ended up with full glamour and allure; however the Red Carpet magnificence seems to continue the whole year. You can also take cue from your favorite star’s style picks and plan a celebrity-influenced wardrobe.


Spring/summer 2016 fashion shows have officially concluded. There were highs as well as lows, however, the most significant element in abundance was the emergence of innumerable trends – in fact a whole lot of them.

The biggest trend that we had witnessed on 2015 runways was the revival of 70’s and this year seems no exception. On PFW runways we observed the return of various old trends with a contemporary twist, the constancy of leather jackets and a few of the last year’s hottest trends. Those who are not much smitten with the fashions from the past, there were heaps of modern styles as well.

Scroll down to have a recap on this year’s spring/summer trends at Paris Fashion Week 2016.

Audacious Ruffles

Ruffles is the most prominent trend that we witnessed in all of the four fashion capitals. However, the Paris-based stylists engraved their own mark on this the trend for summer/spring 2016 with exotic strokes and lots of layers. From contemporary ruffles to fanciful sheer fabrics, ruffles are in-vogue for spring. Olivier Rousteing at Balmain employed the style on sensuous looks fashioned for her Balmain army. Dries Van Noten played with ruffles in a more innovative way, giving it a 3D effect which looked mesmerizing and pretty. The trend of ravishing ruffles at Sarah Jane Burton’s collection portrayed a soft, romantic style.

Bold Bra Tops

For the Spring/Summer 2016 runways, the fashion stylists focused on undershirts as daywear. The fashion weeks in New York and Milan were more about slip dresses. However, in Paris, the trend of bra tops literally rocked the spring/summer 2016 ramps. The models also showcased the style with some layering. But essentially, summers 2016 will be more skin showing than the previous years. The style was exhibited by Mugler, who coupled the bra tops with high-waist pants to achieve a phenomenal seductive look. In addition, Alexander Wang’s presentation for Balenciaga also displayed some light-hued bra tops accompanied by long robes.

Gamine Trend

Gender-neutral dressing is absolutely not new on the ramps. The summer/spring 2016 fashion shows in Paris featured stylists that brought the menswear influenced looks to the limelight. From slouchy pants to tuxedo jackets, gamine trend was everywhere on the ramps. The designers who exhibited gamine style at PFW include Alber Elbaz from Lanvin, British fashion designer Phoebe Philo and Hedi Slimane.


The Luxurious Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are timeless and it is definitely not a new trend. For spring/summer 2016, Paris-based stylists took the conventional leather jackets to the next level. The highlight of the PFW 2016 was the cropped version of the ageless leather jackets. In addition, the Louis Vuitton displayed beautifully embellished jackets that grabbed the attention of everyone. Not to forget Hedi Slimane who rocked the traditional style with her amazingly applied zipper and fringe approach.


Summer is almost around the corner and it is definitely high time to take a hint from this year’s fashion weeks to design a style-suffused wardrobe for you. Wear the trends and rock the upcoming summers in ultimate style.