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Fixing Your Husbands Grooming Habits

It seems at one point in life, we have all dated a guy who was not the best when it comes to grooming. Whether you ended up marrying that guy is a choice that is solely on you, and maybe his strengths far outweighed his weaknesses.

If your hubby is one of those men who seem not to take care of their hygiene and grooming habits daily, there are some good news; You can help! Men might be this way for many different reasons. Either they are too busy at work, they just never tried to take the grooming habits seriously, or they just plain don’t know.

Be the catalyst for positive change in your partner’s life. Let’s show you how:

1. Get his facial hair in order

Does your man have crazy facial hair? Is his beard just too rough and unhealthy looking? Odds are he probably isn’t maintaining it as intricately as he should be. The first question you need to ask is does he have a beard trimmer?

If he does, urge him to use it daily. If he doesn’t, you can find the best beard trimmer for his type of beard and get it for him. Give it to him for his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s day.

Next, is your man hydrating his facial hair? Bear with me for just a second. Yes, there are such things are beard moisturizers, and they are actually called beard oils. These products are made with healthy essential oils and they naturally hydrate the facial hair to make it softer and generally more alive.

That means no more annoying pinch while you kiss him. Lastly, if your man is clean shaven but always seems to cut himself, he is probably doing something wrong. Show him this video:

2. Bringing down the B.O

Let’s be honest, B.O is as natural to a man as peanut butter is mixed with jelly. While smelling bad is fine in very specific circumstances, if it is way too often it can really pester you and odds are your husband isn’t even noticing he smells that bad.

There are certain things your man should then know:

  • Use deodorant at night. This is the proper way to do it. You want it to absorb into your skin so that you can smell great the next day. If he takes a shower at night like most men do, that is the perfect time to swipe it on.
  • Ease up on the coffee: Coffee is great for focusing and getting your day started, but too much caffeine actually inhibits bad smell. You might have subconsciously noticed this already, but tell your husband to not have more than 2 cups a day. He can switch to green tea for a healthier alternative, especially matcha tea.

3. Communicate with him on what you like and don’t like

If your man is hairy, and you don’t particularly like that grizzly hair chest, tell him! Most grooming related problems between couples occur when communication is not made.

Most likely your man will want to please you in any little way he can, especially if he truly adores you. If you communicate on what you like and don’t like, you are more likely to get results. While having chest and back hair is alluring to some women, it is not to most.

Plus, these days you can even help him trim that hair down. Make it a bonding experience after all.hunk in shower

4. Floss daily and brush at least twice a day

The importance of flossing might have been pressed down your throats as a child, but when you are an adult and have free reign over what you do, you may have forgotten about this fact.

Flossing prevents plaque and removes old food crumbs from between your teeth which ultimately cause bad breath. This is such a crucial change to have not just a healthier smile, but also to avoid a putrid smelling breath.

Lastly, ensure he is brushing his teeth at least twice a day. This is easy to do, once in the morning and once before bed. You should be doing the same of course.

We hope these 4 steps actually helped you out, or at least if anything they reminded you of what you need to do so that your man’s grooming habits improve. You would be surprised at the sheer quantity of men who do not do this already. Well, sometimes all they need is a little push from their partner in crime!

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